The Big Weed Change: 6 Charts Tell the Story

Big weed change. Hey, have you noticed how everyone’s attitude about weed is totally changing? I mean, lots of countries are starting to say it’s cool to use cannabis. Uruguay kicked it off in 2013, then Canada joined in 2018, and even Malta jumped on the train in 2021. Germany just said, “Yep, let’s make recreational weed legal,” not too long ago. And hey, even the UK and Australia are cool with it for medical reasons. The US is a bit behind on the whole national level thing, but tons of states are down with either medical or recreational cannabis use – like 38 states and Washington DC.

The Crazy Support for Legalisation

Man, people’s minds have really changed about weed. Back in the ’90s, only a small bunch in the US wanted it legal. But now? Nearly 7 out of 10 people are saying, “Yeah, let’s make it legal!”

And when folks are asked about using it for medical or just chillin’, almost 9 out of 10 are on board with some form of legalisation.

Not Just a Young People Thing

You might think it’s only the young crowd or the left-leaning folks supporting weed, but nope! This change isn’t just about who you are or who you vote for – everybody’s warming up to it, no matter their age or politics.

Changing Minds on Weed’s Risk

Guess what? People are seeing weed in a whole new light. Over 50 years, this survey in the US has been asking folks what they think about different drugs and how risky they are. And hey, more and more people are thinking weed is way less harmful than stuff like alcohol or cocaine. That gap between weed and other drugs has gotten huge since the early 2000s.

Back in ’97, only about 1 in 5 said smoking weed once in a while wasn’t much of a risk. But in 2021? More than half were like, “Nah, no deal.” Meanwhile, opinions on other drugs hardly changed.

The Medical Marijuana Impact

You know what really changed people’s minds? Medical weed. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, studies hinted that weed could help folks with HIV or those dealing with chemo feel better. California was the trendsetter in ’96, saying, “Yeah, you can use weed if your doc says it’s cool.” There were other states too, but their rules kinda faded away.

Media’s Role in the Shift

The news played a part in this whole weed shift. They started talking more about how weed can help sick people instead of just scaring everyone about drug trafficking and stuff. From the late ’90s, more news was all about weed’s medical side, while the scary stories dropped.

We don’t know if the news changed people’s minds or just reflected what folks were already thinking. But the whole convo about weed went from “scary drug” to “helping sick folks” real quick. Most people who want it legal say, “Hey, it’s got health perks!” In one survey, a whopping 86% said medical use was a big reason they wanted it legal.

Wrapping Up the Weed Talk

The world’s changing its tune on weed, and these charts show it. More countries are cool with it, more people want it legal, and medical benefits are changing minds. It’s like weed went from being a big no-no to a “yeah, maybe it’s not so bad after all” kinda thing.