The world runs on precision motion systems

linear air bearings

Pop quiz: what are the top three industries the benefit from the use of automation? If you said agriculture, electronics and the auto industry than you are correct! These three industries rely so heavily on emotion controlled systems of automation that they may be completely unrecognizable today if it weren’t for the robotics and assembly lines producing their goods. While talking with a colleague recently discovered that there is a lot of misconception out there about robots and what their primary function is in our society. It may sound silly but I suspect that some of this misconception is reinforced in our daily society by science fiction novels and movies. Just the word “robot” invokes a vision of Will Smith fighting off evil eyed robots flying off the back of a truck. It’s hard to understand that robots are in fact just an implementation device used to carry out commands set out by a computer. There is no motion control system on earth that has the potential to become self-aware and start walking around on its own. In fact, without motions that are guided down to the millimeter a robot will cease to function and lay dormant until accurate instructions are given by the controller. So, since we are going over the broad strokes, let’s talk more about these three industries and how automation and motion systems have changed the landscape.

Agriculture. Agriculture is what this country and its fortunes are founded on. Before there was automation and things like linear air bearings with farm equipment that the fields and collected the wheat or harvest was all made by hand. As a result, the amount of equipment produced each year was extremely limited and therefore each unit was very expensive. This forced many farmers to plow their fields by hand and produce an overall underwhelming crop year after year. Once the field of robotics had grown and people have figured out a way to use precision linear motion systems to their manufacturing advantage things changed overnight. Now a small group of guys could increase their productivity by five times all the while saving their manual labor and overhead costs. This is how John Deere became such an industrial powerhouse by seizing the opportunity when it first came along.
Technology. It almost goes without saying that automation and it’s subfield of motion controlled systems have everything to go to robots and their automated controllers. For one thing, their products would simply be impossible to make without them. Sure, product such as precision linear motion systems have been designed with cost efficiency in mind so that there less humans to pay for such a job. However, in the case of microchips and sensitive computer materials that need to be assembled in “clean rooms” or vacuum chambers, these environments are not suitable human beings and therefore there must be a robot present.
Automotive. You can imagine what an automotive assembly line looks like and therefore you can see what it classic example of an automation is. The parts moving horizontally along fixed tracks are a great example of motion controlled arms on precision air bearings.

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There Is Relief For Migraine Headache Sufferers

There are a lot of things in our lives that we can do to help our own selves, help ourselves, so to speak. Have you ever heard anyone say to you, “Help me, help you”? Whether you have or you haven’t, that means that we all need to help ourselves in order to be in a position where others who are in a position to help us, can actually help us. Does that make sense? I’m talking about our coaches, our teachers, our bosses, our employees, our doctors, and anyone else who we seek out education, help or assistance of any kind from. If you happen to have a problem with migraine headaches, for example, then hydrating yourself, getting a decent amount of sleep and avoiding caffeine can be the best advice that anyone could give you.headache relief I know that caffeine has been used for years to help relieve migraines but like a lot of things, it’s just a short-term solution to what is or will become a long-term problem. It can, in fact, exacerbate the problem and it often does. We need to remember that just because we find initial and instantaneous relief for something in our lives, doesn’t mean that it’s the kind of solution that we should believe that we can employ for our entire lives without it failing us at some point. If you’ve got a problem with headaches and drinking a coke or having a cup of coffee makes it go away or less severe, you could be further contributing to the problem, as a whole, by introducing a stimulant that makes it more difficult for you to get quality sleep at the end of the day. Which is a very basic thing that we all need to do, regardless of whether we experience migraine headaches or not.

We forget about the basics, the bare necessities in our lives, and we often seek out short cuts to real problems. Natural migraine and cluster headache relief doesn’t need to be complicated, so let’s not muddle the matter by compounding it by adding to the biochemical mix, unless it’s at a professional’s direction. The Lexington headache relief clinic are such professionals that specialize in providing natural migraine and cluster headache relief. If you’ve never had a migraine before, then you’re a lucky person, but you’re even luckier if you’ve never experienced a cluster headache. Cluster headaches are so severe sometimes, that people literally kill themselves to end the pain. Now, I’d never recommend suicide to anyone for any reason (I’m not Jack Kevorkian), but imagine what it must feel like to believe that you have to end your life in order to end the pain. That’s a pretty terrible thought isn’t it? Well, to yourself and those that you care about: Find solutions to the problems in your life that are natural, true and sustainable. Drinking caffeine to get rid of the pain, and then alcohol or something else at the end of the night to get to sleep, aren’t healthy and sustainable solutions to problems we’ll experience our whole lives, unless we learn to stop taking short cuts.

How can you implement radon mitigation systems in your home?

http://www.radondenver.comWhether you have lived in your home for quite some time or have just recently moved there, there is something so frustrating and jarring about suddenly picking up and moving out. After all, your home is your home! It is the place where your children have grown up. It is the place you first moved after you got married. It is the place where you first felt like an adult with true adult responsibilities. It was the place that gave you the confidence to continue living and growing in this crazy world we live in because it offered the safety and security that we all love to feel; that is the kind of feeling that you just cannot find anywhere else. But the fear of having to move out is a real fear, and it especially haunts people who have discovered that their home is covered in the odorless, tasteless, and colorless terror that is radioactive radon gas. This gas is difficult to conquer because of its lack of color, scent, or taste, and it has become a silent killer in the United States as the second leading cause of lung cancer in the country. When people discover that radon is floating around in their home, it can be terrifying to think that you either have to continue living with a killer or have to move out of your beloved home and into a new one.

The good news is that SWAT Environmental can save your home with a radon mitigation system that works for you. Radon mitigation can be done for just about any home or office building that is suffering from the negative impacts of radon poisoning. They can help prospective homeowners determine levels of radon in the home they are looking at, and they can also help people who have already moved into a home or have lived in their home for years. High levels of radon in residential homes in Denver can be a real problem for people, so getting your home checked is a critically important step to take in taking the appropriate action steps to take care of your family. Choosing a company you can trust to test your home thoroughly and accurately will allow you to have the peace of mind you need when it comes to radon contamination in your home. While you certainly are capable of testing for radon on your own, without the advice and expert opinion of a radon remediation company will allow you the certainty and the confidence that you can live in your home, knowing that you and your family are safe.

The experts at SWAT Environmental have the experience and the know how to test Denver area homes for radon contamination. They have the special equipment that you need to figure out not only how much radon is running free in your home, but also exactly where that radon is coming from. By identifying the exact source of the radon contamination, Denver homeowners will feel certain that they are taken care of!

Few Jewelry Stores Could Come Close to Matching the Prices and Selection of Ari Diamonds.

jewelry storesWhen it comes to jewelry, you should be very wise about selecting the right stone or piece.  Every item is a bit different from all the others, as each piece of fine jewelry is crafted by hand, by a skilled jeweler.  For most people, the obvious place to look for jewelry is a jewelry store, but not all jewelry stores are wholesalers and importers.  If you want to cut out the middlemen, you should go to Ari Diamonds.  Few other jewelry stores could come close to matching their prices or selection, since their pieces are imported, directly from various sources, all over the world.

Whether you are getting an engagement ring or anything else, you should get a piece that is truly unique and that truly meets your expectations.  The ring, itself, is vitally important, and you need to find one that really speaks to you.  This means that you need to go somewhere with a good selection of high-quality pieces.  Ari Diamonds has countless of rings to choose from, and all of them were crafted by skilled and experienced jewelers.  As with anything else that is made by hand, the craftsmanship that goes into engagement rings is of the utmost importance.  Of course, it is only one crucial aspect of the ring.  The other is the stone.  Some prefer to pick a ring, with a stone already in it, while others prefer to pick a loose stone, apart from the ring.  There are certainly advantages to both, but loose diamonds are typically considered the way to get more for your money.  This is because they are substantially cheaper than comparable stones that have been set into a ring or other piece, already.  Plus, you can more closely examine a stone, if you can see it from every angle, which would not be possible had you purchased a ring with a stone already in it.  Of course, either way, you will get a good ring, from Ari Diamonds.  They have a wide selection of engagement rings both with and without the stones.

If you are considering purchasing a loose stone, for your engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry, you should educate yourself on how loose diamonds are graded.  The two main groups, which are relied upon for certification are the GIA and the HRD, though there are a few others.  Regardless of the specific institution, which is doing the grading, though, the four qualities that diamonds are judged on remain the same.  The four qualities are cut, clarity, color, and carat, and it pays to know how each quality is judged.  With regards to cut, the more accurately and precisely the stone was cut, the higher the rating.  Clarity is simply a matter of how man imperfection are present, within the stone.  Color, as you can guess, refers to the hue of the diamond, which is a quality that all diamonds have.  The more minimal the coloration, though, the better the rating.  Finally, carat refers to the size of the diamond, with the largest diamonds receiving the best rating.


New Tech Machinery and their seamless gutter machines

New Tech Machinery is an equipment manufacture that has been producing portable rollforming equipment for companies who work in one branch or another of the roofing or siding industry including manufactures, contractors and in-plant manufacturers. New Tech Machinery works to produce the machinery that helps these companies run their business as best they possibly can. These large machines can be used for a number of different functions but the one thing that New Tech Machinery has been most famously working on recently is their line of seamless gutter machines. These machines can essentially create a single piece gutter in one sweep. The design idea behind seamless gutter machines are a little bit similar to 3D printers actually. You need to figure out the dimensions and specifications of the gutters that you need and then once you put all of that information into the seamless gutter machine it can convert that data into a a solid piece.

gutter machineHaving the gutters for your house be seamless has a number of different reasons and benefits. First of all, for the installers having seamless gutters means no guessing and trying to figure out how to get all of the gutters to line up correctly so that they will fit right on the house and function to the best of their ability to take the water away from the house. With no seams the contractors just have to attach this one large piece onto the house which is generally easier than attaching many little pieces to the house. For the owner of the house, seamless gutters are great for two main reasons. First of all, no seams means no little places for the water to leak out and cause problems. A lot of people also like the look of seamless gutters.

Right now New Tech Machinery has four seamless gutter machines that they are producing and selling. The differences are mostly within the size capabilities of the machine. Some of the smaller seamless gutter machines are perfect for homes while if you are doing work on something like a business or a large apartment building it might be better to get one of the larger seamless gutter machines that have a higher capacity. If you think that a seamless gutter machine could be useful in your business either to buy or just to rent if you would only need it for a short time, and if you are not sure which if New Tech Machinery’s four seamless gutter machines would work best for the specific project you are working on, there is a customer help hotline where they can answer any questions that you might have and help you figure out which of the seamless gutter machines would be the best fit for your project.

New Tech Machinery has a number of high quality machines and add ons that can work to help you improve almost any project your building or construction company has in front of it and since New Tech Machinery has branches in over thirty countries they are always in your area to help.

The Original Hardwood Floor Installation Was The Best Part

The last time I fixed and flipped a house, I made enough money to do it again. Pretty soon after though, I saw the writing on the wall and I dumped my real estate before things got real bad. That time has come and gone and now it was looking like I could make some more money fixing and flipping houses. I wasn’t an expert at these things, I just had some good friends with some awesome resources that helped make it easier for my to turn a dime. I paid all these guys well, but they were definitely giving the homie hook-up on most everything that I needed. I had some good people in my life, there is no doubt and they were more responsible for me being a success than I was, I can assure you of that. A an old family friend of my parents gave me a temporary loan on the first house I ever flipped, he basically gave me access to 300,000 dollars for 3 months so I could buy, fix and eventually flip it for a profit. He didn’t accept a dime for his serviced or the opportunity he gave me to become independently wealthy, he was just happy he could help. So, that was supposed to be the beginning of my real estate empire, but the mortgage crisis that occurred over five years ago, temporarily derailed that development in my life.

All the homes in this town were built before the 1940s, that means that they all have hardwood floorshardwood floors in them whether they were covered since by carpet or not. It was also very likely that they had beautiful custom carpentry throughout the entire house. A lot of these floors have been finished, covered up, damaged and then had the hardwood floors refinished all over again. That was what made flipping homes in this town doable. There were enough people moving in that there was a decent buying market and people seemed to be coming back to the idea of old, quality home finishes in spades.

A lot of people out there love granite counter tops these days. There are so many different varieties that no matter what kind of hardwood floor installation you choose, you can find a countertop that will compliment it beautifully. That’s what I did with the first two homes that I had the opportunity to flip. I ripped up the old, stinky and stained carpets and got the hardwood floors beneath repaired and refinished. No matter what the original stain of the wood was, I was able to match up a great piece of granite to it. Those two things alone is what increased the values of these homes more than anything else in my opinion. Custom, ornate carpentry is almost ubiquitous inside the homes in this town, a lot of it’s founder’s took a lot of pride in what they did and how they did it. MAybe that’s why people liked moving here so much, they sensed a kind of nostalgia, from a simpler time.

Finding a great carpet cleaning service just got easier. can be a hassle.  They feel really great under your feet and they look really great to, but every single thing you drop gets caught in them and every glass of grape juice you spill can ruin any great carpet forever.  Therefore, if you are lucky enough to have carpets all over your home, it is important to find a carpet cleaning company that can clean them at a reasonable rate.  You could try and vacuum and shampoo them yourself, but nothing beats the look of a professional cleaning.

As with many services out there, it can be incredibly difficult to find a great carpet cleaning serviceMany companies will have a full schedule and will have difficulty getting to you.  Others will rush through the job and not complete it properly.  And some will just charge so much money that it is almost more cost effective just to purchase new carpet altogether.  Fortunately, I came across Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners the last time I was browsing for a company.

Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners are a local, veteran-owned company, and they really understand what it means to provide excellent service to their customers.  They offer a wide range of services when it comes to cleaning the carpet and the floors in your home.  They will sweep and mop your floors, they will take out all of your trash, they will use their high-end vacuum to get all of the dust and dirt out of your carpets, and this is only the beginning.  They will get up on ladders and clean your overhead fans, wipe down spots on your walls, clean your kitchen and your bathrooms and leave them looking great.  They also will shampoo your carpets with their steam cleaners.  If you have never had your carpet cleaned by a steam cleaner, you are really missing out.  It leaves your carpet looking new and smelling great.  You’ll be so excited with the new look of your home that you will immediately start calling your friends to see if they want to come over and hang out.  You won’t have to be embarrassed by any ugly stains or spots, because they will all be gone.  You can go to their website and check out their prior handiwork.  They have dozens of pictures of before and after shots, so you can see the type of the work that they do.

They work in the Virginia, and Washington, D.C. area, so if you live in the area you need to give them a call and set up a time to have them come over to your home.  They are also incredibly affordable.  Because they are operated by local people, they have an invested value in the community, which means they aren’t looking to make millions of dollars but rather to provide excellent service to their neighbors.  They are usually running all kinds of specials on their website as well, which means you should check those out first to see if they have anything on sale that you are looking for.  Don’t mess with your carpets by yourself again.



Lake Winnipesaukee boat rental makes camping trip more fun

My husband loved to camp. I knew this when I married him and accompanied him on several camping trips, but we had very different styles of camping. I like to drive to the site, set up Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Storagea tent and a bonfire, and stay for one evening. Hank had more of a tendency to want to hike miles to get somewhere with the food on your back and spend days out in the wilderness. I typically left him to take those trips with his other friends. I can certainly rough it for a while and have at various points in my life, but I’m more at a point now where I like to be comfortable and sleep in my own bed.

Most recently though, he came up with a slightly different idea. He suggested we rent a boat in Lake Winnipesaukee, load it up with food and camping equipment, and go out on the water to find a campsite. He had a few places in particular in mind, and I agreed to go with him. This time we could also do water activities – water skiing and such. We would also be camping right near the water, which would allow for a cooler breeze in general. This sounded like a camping trip that would be much more my style than his usual one, and I always loved to be out on a boat.

We ended up inviting a few friends and making a whole weekend out of it. The day before we were set to leave I stopped at the grocery store to load up on drinks, food, and other necessities. In the morning on our way out we would get ice for the coolers, fill up on gas, and stop at the Lake Winnipesaukee boat rental location to pick up the boat itself. I was actually really excited, which says a lot because I typically do not get too worked up about camping with my husband. I prefer he does his hard core camping trips with his buddies, like I mentioned, but if he could get used to this type of camping with a Lake Winnipesaukee boat rentals instead of his usual camping style, then I thought we might be in good shape to take more of these trips together in the future!

The weekend was a huge success. The boat was wonderful, and driving it out to a camp site had a certain charm to me that was lacking when I had to hike miles with a heavy back pack on other trips. Being able to get up in the morning and go for a quick water skiing trip was a real joy, and getting out on the water in the afternoon when it got particularly hot made the whole thing that much more pleasant for me. It also served as a slightly easier substitute for bathing while camping. My husband and his friends seemed to enjoy it too, and we are already talking about planning the next weekend and the next boat rental. I highly recommend this kind of camping to anyone!

Making sure my smile remains beautiful

I have always tried to be careful with my teeth and take care of them so that when I get older hopefully I can avoid a number of unnecessary problems. I know that I can’t avoid every problem but it would be nice if I could have as nice and healthy teeth as possible for my age. When it comes to things that are really a problem for my teeth like a cavity or something I am always really quick to go to my dentist at Riverfront Dentists to get it taken care of. I have always been a little bit slower about fixing things that are purely cosmetic though. I would say that most of the reason I am not so fast to act on things that do not have a direct impact on the health of my teeth and gums is probably that I am more cautious to pay a lot of money to fix things that are purely cosmetic and since these problems do not pose some sort of health risk they are almost never covered by my insurance plan. As soon as something is not covered by insurance it is almost always far to expensive for me to even think of paying it on my own.

dentistNow that I am a little bit older though and most importantly, I finally have a job that actually pays a livable wage for the first time in my life I am starting to have a slightly different attitude towards the possibility of getting some of the more cosmetic dentistry things fixed. I mean I do not exactly have anything in my mouth that is a huge problem but I do think that I might be a little bit more inclined to smile more if I were able to fix the gap that I have between my two front teeth and then maybe get a round of teeth whitening. I know that I should not care so much about the way that I look but your teeth are such a personal thing and I think kind of important to how people see you. I mean if you think about it, your teeth and your smile are some of the first things that people notice about you. Since my not so great teeth make me smile less than I think I otherwise would I am also a little bit nervous that I give off this impression of a much grumpier and less happy person than I actually am. I would hate for people to think I am some sort of not fun grump just because I am too embarrassed to smile more often. I have lived in a country before where people did not smile very often and it really changes how you think of a person far more than you might be conscience of. Even though cosmetic dentistry is expensive I think since I kind of have the money I should go ahead and do it now so I can enjoy the time of having a beautiful smile.

You need to know a reliable heating company.

Have you been having HVACR issues? Then you need a heating company like DNI Heating. If you are in need of commercial or residential repair,“DNI provides Honest and Dependable service, replacement and repair for all of your HVACR needs. To the smallest residential units to large industrial equipment, our technicians can handle it all. We keep our Technicians factory trained and certified to keep up with the industry. DNI strongly believes in fast response time, providing 24/7 on call 2 hour response time. We do not just fix it, our Technicians will assess the cause of the problem to help prevent re-occurring failure. We strive to provide great customer service, and reliability for each of our customers.”


Here is a list of the services they provide:

Commercial Services

  • Air Conditioners
  • Rooftop units (RTU)
  • Furnaces
  • Refrigeration Units
  • Ice Machine
  • Water Heaters
  • Boilers
  • Hot Water / In Floor Heating systems
  • Baseboard Heat
  • Geothermal Heat Pump
  • Air Handling units
  • Variable Air Volume units (VAV)
  • Direct Expansion systems (DX)
  • Building Automation
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Chillers
  • Hot water solar systems
  • Radiant Heating (Infrared)


Residential Services

  • Air Conditioners
  • Furnaces
  • Water Heaters
  • Boilers
  • Hot Water / In Floor Heating systems
  • Baseboard Heat
  • Geothermal Heat Pump
  • Hot water solar systems
  • Humidifiers
  • Radiant Heating (Infrared)
Ice Machine

Ice Machine

There are so many reasons to call DNI for any of your heating or air conditioning repairs. They provide such a range of services and provide expert quality every time with honest and dependable professionals. Why would you leave your home or business in the hands of anyone else?

If you have an emergency in the middle of the night you may think you will have to wait until the morning to call someone and then you will most likely have to wait a few hours or even a few days to have the issue resolved. In most cases you would be correct. Many HVACR companies do not have the ability to respond in a timely manner when it matters the most. That is why you should call on DNI Heating. They offer 24 hour assistance and work hard to make sure that you get a response quickly. Many issues just cannot wait until morning to be resolved. Let’s say that it is a cold winter Colorado night. Perhaps it is snowing and temperatures are below freezing and your heater goes out. This is most definitely an emergency and you do not want to have to go without heat for too long. Your kids are upstairs and you do not want them to get sick from the frigid temperatures. There are others issues that may happen if your heat is not restored. Your pipes may freeze over causing a whole host of problems that can become very expensive to fix. That is why DNI is so great and unique. The power of 24 hour service is truly comforting!